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A few kind words from some of our guests below. You can also read independent reviews on our Trip Advisor page. 

Heartfelt kindness 

I left my heart in Vale de Moses but Andrew has kindly offered to send it back. I joke but, he would because it is the countless acts of kindness that makes Vale de Moses so utterly special. Every yoga session was an act of giving and kindness; every discussion before a treatment made it a personalised act of kindness; each treatment itself was an act of kindness directed purely to me; every astounding meal had kindness as it’s key ingredient. And each time the bed was made there was a little personal touch that went beyond the requirements of hospitality. Care, compassion and kindness flows through that beautiful valley. Hold onto my heart Andrew as I know it will be looked after well. And I would say to anyone and everyone, take your heart to the Vale de Moses at least once in your life. Thank you to everyone in that very special place.

Ian, UK

Refreshing reset and recharge 

Thank you so much for providing such a safe, fun, exciting, open and refreshing space filled with love to explore myself again with such beautiful people. The dogs and their bouncy forever giving playfulness. The reconnective healing with Ana, the generosity Peter provided in his hands on Thai workshops. Vonetta’s unique, dense, light and treasured yoga classes amidst the birds and the clouds. Your wonderful supportive presence, knowledge of the area, the fight for humanity in a place that favours food, family time and experience compared to London which lacks the time, love and support of one another. Sometimes it just takes that shift in perspective; not the years of counselling but a reset, a recharge. A reminder of the soul and it’s Journey through the physical. Knowing people like you exist who follow their hearts, makes my heart so full! Vale De Moses was an experience I will treasure forever.

Abigail, London

A week of wonders 

Looking back on a week of wonders, I feel deeply grateful for the force of nature that taught me that even the worst storms pass as long as you don't resist them and hold yourself gently through it. For feeling my emotions change throughout the day and feeling them settle down again too. For witnessing that nature always gives life back. For braving the wilderness, for falling flat on my ass, for feeling shit scared and for persisting through tears and fear. For the beautiful people I got to meet, for the yoga, for the food and for Moksha one of the 4 dogs who's been lovingly lying by my feet. Staying at this magical place surely reconnected me with a part of me I haven't felt for a very long sure made me a braver girl again. Thank you Vale de Moses, all of you. 

Elke, Belgium

A soul-restoring week! 

Vale de Moses is a true retreat - no pressure to do anything; no pressure to be anyone. Just a chance to drink in the elements in a place that exists in easy harmony with nature. A chance to sit with one's own company or to share thoughts and laughter with like-minded souls. Compassionate yoga. Pristine bodywork. Abundant nutritious and tasty food. Totally lovely people. Four dogs, a reclusive cat and a hormonal piglet. Little nudges towards mindfulness. A sky dancing with stars at night. Thank you, Vale de Moses for a soul-restoring week. Thank you Vonetta for your delicious blend of calm, humour and kindness in class. You conducted us all like an orchestra. Thank you DrNerina Ramlakhan for your down to earth and sometimes hilarious sleep solutions! Thank you, my fellow yoginis, for your caring and sense of fun. My full review already up on the Queen of Retreats website.

Jane Alexander, UK

The most magical place! 

The most amazing week at Vale de Moses in the mountains of Central Portugal. If anyone’s looking for a yoga retreat to recharge and relax it’s the most magical place - a warm family atmosphere, stunning setting, off the beaten track, a yoga shala with views of the valley, cosy soul pads (yurts) or rustic cottage rooms, a river and natural pools to bathe in, delicious food and puppies. And a pot- bellied pig called Amelia @ameliathepiglet.

Lucy, Scotland

A beautiful discovery 

Thank you for an absolutely perfect getaway at your home in the Portuguese mountains. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed last week's retreat. It was a beautiful discovery in so many respects: from the quiet morning walks and gentle way into yoga, to our daily vegetarian feasts and lovingly designed accommodation. I came to Vale de Moses in search of a Life Reset and got exactly that! You've got something special going on there. All the best on your continued journey and I look forward to meeting again.

Aimée, Canada

Warm and welcoming 

My stay was amazing. Your sincerity and authenticity in what you do left a real imprint. I really felt a special guest in your home and honored to be, and at every corner you can feel the hard work and the authentic and honest will to make it a warm and welcoming place. Special thanks to Nina and Fleur, fun and smiling girls that took time and attention at all times. What a great bunch of beautiful people you've gathered in this beautiful valley. Thank you so much. I hope I can come back some day.


Tiffany, Belgium

Absolute Heaven 

I have been on 3 wonderful yoga retreats before in Turkey, Italy and Morocco - but this place is the best of them all. It was absolute heaven. The yoga teacher (Kat) was amazing, the food was out of this world (thanks, Raul), and the massage and acupuncture treatments were unsurpassed (make sure you ask for Alicia if you're tense in the shoulders). Everyone needs a week like this in their life. Do yourself a favour and book the next flight. One of the best weeks of my life.

Sharon, UK

A precious gift 

A week in Vale de Moses is like giving yourself a very precious gift : time for yourself, to walk in the forest & swim in the river, to find calm and space in the quietness of the mountains, to find balance and serenity in the wonderful yoga practice (and laughter and perfection and fun thanks to wonderful Tashi), to eat healthily and incredibly well (yes it is possible with Raul), to reconnect with your spirit and your body (oh the heavenly massages). I already miss the place (and the space). I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Caroline, UK

A vert, very special spot 

Vale de Moses is a very, very special spot. Beautiful Portuguese countryside, mountain water showers, swims in the river, incredible food, excellent yoga, wonderful therapists, the most beautiful yoga studio I've ever had the pleasure of practicing in, and run by the nicest people you could meet. Go.

Kate, London

Absolutely blown away 

Vale de Moses is a truly amazing place where you can easily leave all the chaos and madness of everyday life behind - it is like being transported into an alternate universe full of beautiful people, food, nature and dogs! I've never been on a yoga retreat before and so had no expectations but was absolutely blown away by how genuine, kind and interesting all of the people (the team and fellow guests) at Vale de Moses were.

If your idea of a yoga retreat is a drill sergeant teacher and being hungry all of the time, think again. Tashi was a fantastic yoga teacher and she had great humility and a sense of humour (I'll never look at pollinating flowers in the same way again!). The food was sensational and plentiful thanks to the genius that is Raul.  I can't wait to go back and will be highly recommending this place to my yogi and non-yogi friends alike.

Priya, London

Amazing, authentic and unique 

As a travelled yoga teacher I must say this place is unique. The hosts as well as the location are amazing and the love, beauty and authenticity I found make me want to return soon! It is located in a gorgeous valley with plenty of nature plus a river to recharge your batteries. The hosts Andrew and Vonetta are very friendly, giving you just enough care and attention while giving you enough space to relax and do whatever makes you feel best - and there are many activities you can choose from: either having quiet time in nature, socializing with like-minded people on the retreat or the amazing retreat team, acupuncture treatments, massage, walks, runs, rock climbing, river bathing.

The whole retreat team are passion-driven people and this reflects on everything that happens there - love is everywhere. In the food, the yoga, the massages/treatments, in the communication and interaction. I can't wait to go back!

Masha, Portugal

This really hit the spot 

This place was amazing - there are no other words. I went to this retreat to find calmness in my life and came home with many lessons learnt. Whether it was Andrew's morning walks (with the most amazing Zen voice ever), Von's beautiful smile, Tashi's amazing teachings (for mind/body/soul), Raul's out of this world ayurvedic food, Peter's amazing teachings and massages, etc. I was truly able to come home at peace. Waking up in the morning to this remote, incredible view (and sounds of the mountains/forest) purified my soul. They are a family and have managed to make complete strangers feel at home and like we are a part of their family/history and home...thank you!

Jessica, Canada

Lovely people 

What an amazing experience! The minute I arrived to Vale de Moses I felt completely relaxed. The setting is beautiful. The incredible food fuels you for the yoga but the best thing about it for me was the lovely people. The perfect place to relax and reconnect!

Harriet, London

World class treatments 

I returned to Moses simply knowing that I would have a great time. Hard to believe that my experience topped the one from two years before. The quality of the yoga practice, the incredible food, the world class standard of treatments and the sheer beauty of the surroundings are unbeatable. Such a lovely family run business, they really do it right. So many laugh out loud moments together with the great group I was with, the best retreat holiday I've taken in a long time. Can't recommend it highly enough.

Emma, Spain

Wholesome and revitalising 

Thank you for a wonderfully wholesome, nourishing and revitalising week. I left with a lightness, a tranquility,  a feeling of contentment and the desire to grow my own veggies!

Karen, UK

An incredible environment 

Thank you so much for such a wonderful retreat. You and your whole team have created a very special place, and it was such a treat to be looked after for a week. You manage to create an incredible environment - relaxed, open, safe and full of so much joy. I cannot remember the last time I have laughed that much in a single week! The combination of yoga (Fleur was amazing), treatments, amazing food, and people made it such a memorable week. Thank you so much.

Nina, New Zealand

Breathtaking environment 

The yoga lessons were awesome and the yoga shala is beautiful! The food was the best food I have ever eaten. The environment is breathtaking. It is very peaceful too. Everyone here is so nice, you feel like you're at home! :) You don't want to leave after one week.

Katharina, Austria

Like a warm hug! 

There were so many things that made this retreat memorable; the beautiful valley landscape, the fantastic vegetarian and vegan food cooked by chef Raul, the yoga classes with Vonetta and feeling like I had made progress in my practice. And lastly the atmosphere,  so supportive and nurturing. Like a warm hug. I heartily recommend this place. It works for practioners at all levels and is such a wonderful relaxing holiday in beautiful surroundings. 5 stars.

Smita, London

Rested, relaxed and rejuvenated! 

It has definitely been one of our best holidays. What a beautiful part of the world you live in! The double bed in our Soulpad was so comfortable, the food delicious, the treatments excellent and the yoga Shala was just amazing. Please thank Vonetta for her wonderful teaching, I have been so inspired since I got back! We came home rested, relaxed and rejuvenated and you cannot ask for more than that. :)

Sarah and David, Cork, Ireland

Magical, soulful, heaven on earth 

Tashi is such a skilled teacher and a loving person. My yoga practise has been transformed. I'm feeling generally much fitter and more alive. The food was beyond describable! I haven't ever experienced such abundant daily feasts. Raul has to be one of the best! And he does it all with such love too! Marco, Josh, Vitor, PJ, Lisa, Tania and Sonia all helped to make the time spent there, treasured and special. I love the way everybody sits down to eat together. What a great team to have working in harmony! The group was fab and we had a wonderful time together there in that magical, soulful 'heaven on earth'. That will be enough to keep me going for a long time. Vale de Moses, and all of you, are my new "Happy Place"!

Charia, Ireland

Uniquely Special! 

Vale de Moses is the most perfect place to retreat! You are surrounded by gorgeous nature, awe inspiring people, incredible yoga and delicious food. Andrew, Vonetta and all who work there, couldn’t have made us feel more welcome even if they tried. By the time we sadly had to leave, we really felt like part of the family. We have come away with everything we longed for, as well as feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. So many people say they need another holiday when they get back from one, but that is certainly not the case here. We have been left with experiences and feelings that we will be able to tap into for the rest of our lives. We will be back! Thank you to all the team who made our retreat so uniquely special :) xxx

Lauraine & Simon, London

What I miss already 

i miss the rising sun slowly warming up the valley in the morning. i miss waking up to chirping birds. buzzing bees. the smell of trees. i miss joining hearts and hands on the rhythm of 'Stacks', and 'Lullaby'. i miss walking home to my pad, under the starry August sky. with a belly full of ridiculously tasteful deliciousness, and a body stretched to the core. i miss how we talked, cried, listened, but laughed so much more. i miss the moonlight on my tent in the night. and falling asleep to the sound of wind, traveling through the valley. up the hills. my head is full. full of blooming daffodils! and some memories are stored, not in the mind, but in the heart. a bushfire, destroying all the old. making space for a brand new start. thank you! your vivid and heartfelt energy is highly contagious. i feel like Moses, transformed back into a puppy on his Friday afternoon swim. in fact, i do not miss. i take along with me. all we have shared. xx Medea, Holland

Beautiful, remote and perfect! 

This was a beautiful and remote location, perfect for a retreat. The staff did everything possible to look after you and make you feel comfortable and pampered. The yoga studio is located on stilts looking out over the valley and there are amazing views. There is a choice of accommodation in the tee pees, shared house or individual rooms. There are loungers and hammocks scattered around and fresh water pools to cool down in.

Food is included. The chefs were amazing, they worked really hard to give us delicious meals with fresh fruit, veg, herbs and spices and there was plenty of it. We were all going back for seconds as it was so tasty!

Sarah, Cardiff

A beautiful haven 

The biggest testament for a holiday is if you book to return - I had booked my return to Vale de Moses within 2 days of landing in the UK! I cannot recommend this yoga retreat more highly. Andy and Vonnie are two very kind and compassionate people, who make you feel totally looked after, and provide a beautiful haven where you really can find some peace and tranquility. I thoroughly enjoyed the yoga, having previously practiced very infrequently, and am working at integrating it much more into my life back in London. The food was delicious - there was not a moment when I felt hungry, the thai massage and acupuncture allowed me to have my first proper nights sleep in well over a year (monumental), and the 3 dogs - Moses, Moksha and Saffy - were like constant companions - so gentle, friendly, playful and happy to be showered with love. 11 out of 10 stars for this unique and special place. I can't wait to go back.

Sophy, London

Open hearts and home 

Thank you for such a great week and for opening your hearts and home to a new bunch of random people every week! You do a fantastic job and I loved being part of everyone's stories and journey. And I'm sure I will be again soon.  Now, whenever I need to feel calm, safe and grounded, I know all I need to do is close my eyes and visualise Vale de Moses. Whether it be the adega, the shala, the mist above the trees, dancing and music with your friends in the village or the kitchen - I'm pretty sure I'll see whichever it is I need to see!

Nicola, Glasgow

Awesome Retreat! 

Awsome retreat! The nature, the good food, the yoga, the walks, the river, the lovely volunteers, the people with good vibes, the sun... All... ahhhh :) Thanks!

Jilske, Belgium

Eternally at Peace 

"We don't realize that, somewhere within us all, there does exist a supreme self who is eternally at peace." And Vale de Moses is a beautiful, serene place where you can find a piece of that supreme self in you. Namaste!

Etta, Helsinki, Finland

Everything is just right. 

It's an absolute pleasure to be able to spend time in this beautiful place with such awesome people. The yoga, the food,the place, the people.. everything is just right!!! Strongly recommend it to all yogis/yoginis out there!

Aseema Mishra, UK

An unforgettable experience 

This place is magic! Being in nature all day, having great yoga practice, eating delicious food and hanging out with new friends... All this made Vale de Moses an unforgettable experience! I will keep all the beautiful memories of this wonderful week with me for a very long time. Andrew and Vonetta are lovely people and truly inspiring!

Maren, Germany

Holiday Gold! 

Gorgeous hosts, gorgeous place, great food, great yoga. ALL highlights! When a week feels like a month (in the best possible way), you know you have struck holiday gold! I'm a bit reluctant to tell anyone about Vale de Moses, as I loved it so much I kind of want to keep it for myself! ;)

Deirdre, Ireland

Absolutely brilliant! 

It was better than I could have imagined and has left me with renewed energy and positivity (an apparently new natural glow I've been told!) The most memorable parts of the retreat were the wonderful people, delicious food, the stunning natural surroundings, warm welcome and all the stories shared. Arrive with an open mind and a good pair of walking boots. 

Hannah, London

Natural river pools 

Besides the fun yoga sessions and lovely warm spirited people looking after us, our daily dip and wallow in the natural river pool after a morning yoga session was my fave part of the week. Plus the trip to the local river Zêzere was brilliant.  We were really fortunate to be at Yoga Moses on the night of the local villiage family fiesta in August, so visiting that and being part of the festivities before a moonlit walk home was pretty special.

Vonnie & Andrew with their team have made a wonderful warm and welcoming place that they share so openly with all their guests! This holiday hit the spot for me. Active, relaxing, invigorating and a wonderful way to feel 'earthed' and reconnected. Just what the doctor ordered! Thank You! xx


Memorable and stunning 

The whole week was memorable, I had a great week, it was so relaxing and refreshing. The food was amazing and the yoga was excellent. The setting was stunning, it will all be memorable I'm so glad i booked it. I can't fault it in any way. The Winters and their team also made it really special. I would definitely recommend a week with them.


Simply amazing acupuncture! 

The Flow with Fleur week was a highlight of my life. The yoga was the best I've experienced and in ways I didn't know were possible. The acupuncture was simply amazing. The Ayurvedic food was delicious, healing and inspiring. The two massages I had (no hands and Thai) freed up a longstanding physical gripe and enabled me to hit yoga poses previously beyond me. And Vale de Moses itself crackles with energy and is a little piece of Heaven run by angels who deeply care.
With so many different healing forces constantly at work it's impossible to attribute the surge of wellbeing on any one thing but people were blossoming left, right and centre and it was a wonder to behold and experience. And it was all so much fun but most notable was the deepest contentment and happiness since I can't remember.

It's a wonderful thing you've created and I'm really missing it/looking forward to coming back next year and meeting the whole family.

Neil, UK

A fabulous treat! 

Thanks a mill for such a fab much needed relaxing yoga week in the beautiful mountains with such great company and wonderful atmosphere. Special thanks for the birthday surprise too...yummy cake & beautiful homemade card. What a fabulous treat it all was - I've been recommending you to so many people.

Becky, Ireland

Love filled spot 

Thank you all for the most amazing holiday ever! We are so very thankful for such a relaxing and energising week. You have created a truly bright and love filled spot on the planet. We can't wait to return. :)

Linda and Maciej, Dublin (and Latvia and Poland!)

Scintillating surroundings 

What a wonderful week with positive passionate people, fed fabulous fortifying food, enjoying energizing youthful yoga in scintillating surroundings, supplying restorative rest and creating contentment. Thank you to one and all.

Ann Stanier, Dragon Orchard, Hereford

Oh the food!!! 

A week at Vale de Moses was amazing and fabulous and life changing. And the food! Oh the food!!! Its just delicious and plentiful (and even incredible when the cooks had to work with out electricity or water after a huge thunderstorm mid week!)

There is literally nothing here that doesn't benefit the locals or protect the natural environment in some way. By learning the language,attending and working at the local school, offering treatments to their elderly neighbours and becoming friends with those who have lived in the villages for generations, the whole Winter family have become an integral part of the community and they benefit from this as much as the locals benefit from the retreats.

One of the best holidays I have ever been on, I just wish it could have been longer!! 

Rosy, Brighton

Extraordinarily beautiful 

It was all fantastic, but the setting at Vale de Moses is extraordinarily beautiful and will be hard to forget.

Zoe, Australia

Everything I wished for 

Thank you so much for a very special week where I found everything I wished for and more! 

I went back home a healed and strengthened person, thanks to the beauty of the place, your delicious food, the great treatments, your friendliness, the river, the monastic Adega and all the beautiful co-yogis.

I will recommend Vale de Moses to everyone on my way.

Itonje, Norway


Thank YOU for giving us all the most amazing holiday ever! Eye-opening, refreshing, beautiful. Only problem is that now I really miss your food...

Fabienne, London

Fantastic food 

In this authentic and undiscovered part of Portugal, the combination of Yoga and acupuncture treatments was extremely beneficial and unique and the hosts were caring and thoughtful.  The food was fantastic, fresh and plentiful. Even though we were in a group context, everyone's individual needs were attended to in a very subtle way so we all felt very relaxed. A short break felt more like two weeks worth!

Kevin and Kath, England

The perfect hosts 

I cannot recommend a retreat here highly enough! Without a doubt the most relaxing and inspirational holiday we have been on. There were so many memorable parts...the setting in the forest & doing yoga in the beautiful shala with the sound of the river and birds, the silent morning walks, the ayurvedic and delicious food everyday, the amazing treatments and acupuncture, all the lovely people including the perfect hosts the Winter family, Tashi, Oli, Katherine & Jude

Anyone looking to get away from it all and reconnect with your self and nature should come to this retreat. 

We will definitely be back!

Jordan, Brighton

A magical week 

Thank you all for a magical week. I haven't felt that energized and inspired for a very long time!

Sara , Germany

A joyful heart injection 

It was the best holiday of my life. An energizing and joyful-injection right in my heart. Exactly what I needed. Thank you for an amazing week. :) 

Josephine, Sweden

Truly nourished 

At Vale de Moses they really know how to cook! Fresh ingredients, lots of herbs and mild spices, good food combinations and mindful cooking. Meals are mostly vegan with a bit of fresh local goats and sheeps cheese on the side, using many different grains and beans and thus catering well for vegetarians and vegans. My tastebuds and my digestive system felt truly nourished!

Liese van Dam, Holland

Book it! 

Book it! Was an amazing relaxing time away with excellent food, brilliant yoga teacher and lovely family in a spectacular location. A brilliant holiday and I'd definitely go back. I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on.

Laura, London

Compassionate care 

I absolutely loved staying at Andrew and Vonetta's. As my first yoga retreat I was warmed by their welcome and challenged by the yoga routine, nourished by the conversation and fabulous fare and awed by the views. Would do it again without hesitation. A very positive experience, which tuned my mind into my body and helped guide me towards more mindfulness and connecting with the present. After my visit I began meditations regularly as well as yoga and continue with this as it feels so beneficial to my well being. All the best for your continued energy outflowing and compassionate caring work.

Diana, Spain

Amazing hospitality 

I went with my wife and my two children. We are both lovers of yoga, but neither of us is very ascetic, and this was our first retreat, so we were a little unsure what to expect.  What we didn’t expect was such a wonderful family as the Winters, and such a wonderful, peaceful location, such great food and amazing hospitality.

If you are as lucky as we were, you will have a very inspiring, life-enhancing experience that will leave you refreshed and with a vision for the next stage of your life, post-Moses. Oh and by the way, as you might imagine, Vonetta is a fantastic, attentive and very engaging yoga teacher. That’s important on a yoga retreat, isn’t it?

Sandy, Portugal

A life changing experience 

Vale de Moses is a living example of harmony between people, nature and the land.  Andy and Vonetta have created a space that allows people to enter into that harmony in comfort and joy. My soul is still captured by that place; may it never recover!  

We were invited to share in the incredible food that was offered for both body and soul.   The transformation and revitalization were profound and long lasting. Built on love, respect and ultimately trust, this was truly a life-changing experience.  Much gratefulness to you both for your work!

Georg, Saudia Arabia

Warmth and hospitality 

Such beautiful, lush mountains. The genuine warmth and hospitality of the Winters was at least as beneficial as the yoga, massage, hearty vegetarian food and being so close to nature

Amalia, Sweden

So looked after 

I can think of no better, more nurturing environment for a yoga retreat. Everything given so freely and I felt so looked after. An amazing place to practise Yoga with caring people, who open up their family home for you to be a part of it.

Mikaela, UK

Inspiring and nourishing 

Such an amazing experience for me. Inspiring and nourishing full of pleasure, rest, connection, laughter and joy.

Nicole, Berlin